My November Prediction

Obama will win, despite the following:

Obama’s job performance:

  1. Will have the country 16 trillion dollars in debt by July.
  2. 1 percent this year, 2 percent last year, three percent year before in economic growth.
  3. Unemployment still over 8 percent and does not count those who have just given up.
  4. Failure to secure border.
  5. Failure to prosecute black panthers for voter intimidation.
  6. Failure to arrest black panthers after two direct threats of violence against white children.
  7. Provided guns to Mexican cartels.
  8. Spending 20 million on a PR campaign to promote obamacare which will likely be thrown out for being unconstitutional.

Obama will win because he is black.  His family will take a lot more expensive vacations on the backs of white taxpayers and he will accomplish nothing since he will not have to run in another election.

The interesting part is the most accurate description of Obama comes from a black man.  Malik Shabazz of the new Black Panther party proves Obama is not only the wrong choice for white people but is also a wrong choice for black people.

“President Obama is an oxymoron.  He is a walking contradiction to us. He inspires hope and greatness in us… and simultaneously delivers disappointment and delusion all in one whopping dosage, we hoped or expected better of him”

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