Now the reason for the two previous posts!

The first post is about our soldiers, our people dying in a needless war.

The second post is about the effect that war is having on the people of the region.

This post the third one is the reason the first two are happening.

The America as found by our forefathers is dead.

New America, it’s time.


Is there a reason?

I can hear the sound of a child
A sound that is in need and despair
Small eye pupils with a tear
Small eyes full of fear
Small hands trembling with fear
What are they fighting for everyday?
The long and winding dusty roads
The strange unholy mountains of evil
The sound of strange gun ships and vehicles
The uniformed people from foreign lands
The thirst of an innocent human
Small opened mouth full of cracks and dust
What have I done to deserve this?
This is the real land of guns and a whip
The land of the innocent and hungry
The land friendly to war
The land friendly to strife and disease
The land that knows no peace
How will I live?
Author: Bonang Mologasele, Botswana

For those who have made the ultimate sacrifice!

He was getting old and paunchy and his hair was falling fast.

 And he sat around the Post, telling stories of the past.

 Of a war that he once fought in, and the deeds that he had done.

 In his exploits with his buddies, they were heroes, every one.

 And ‘tho sometimes to his neighbors his tales became a joke.

 All his buddies listened quietly for they knew where of he spoke.

 But we’ll hear his tales no longer, for ol’ Bob has passed away.

 And the world’s a little poorer For A Soldier died today.

 He won’t be mourned by many. Just his children and his wife.

 For he lived an ordinary, very quiet sort of life.

 He held a job and raised a family, going quietly on his way.

 And the world won’t note his passing, ‘Tho A Soldier died today.

 When politicians leave this earth, their bodies lie in state.

 While thousands note their passing, and proclaim that they were great.

 Papers tell of their life stories from the time that they were young.

 But the passing of a Soldier goes unnoticed, and unsung.

 Is the greatest contribution to the welfare of our land.

 Some jerk who breaks his promise and cons his fellow man?

 Or the ordinary fellow who in times of war and strife.

 Goes off to serve his country and offers up his life?

 The politician’s stipend and the style in which he lives.

 Are often disproportionate, to the service that he gives.

 While the ordinary Soldier, who offered up his all.

 Is paid off with a medal and perhaps a pension, small.

 It’s so easy to forget them, For it is so many times,

 That our Bob’s and Jim’s and Johnny’s, went to battle, but we know.

 It is not the politicians with their compromise and ploys.

 Who won for us the freedom that our country now enjoys.

 Should you find yourself in danger, with your enemies at hand.

 Would you really want some cop-out, with his ever waffling stand?

 Or would you want a Soldier–His Home, His Country, His Kin.

 Just a common Soldier. Who would fight until the end.

 He was just a common Soldier, and his ranks are growing thin.

 But his presence should remind us we may need his like again.

 For when countries are in conflict, We find the Soldier’s part.

 Is to clean up all the troubles that the politicians start.

 If we cannot do him honor while he’s here to hear the praise.

 Then at least let’s give him homage at the ending of his days.

 Perhaps just a simply headline In the paper that might say:



I think this lady is pissed off !!!

Rough language but she really makes her point clear!

Alan Simpson, Senator from Wyoming , Co-Chair of Obama’s deficit commission, calls senior citizens the Greediest Generation as he compared “Social Security” to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats.

Here’s a response in a letter from PATTY MYERS in Montana … I think she is a little ticked off! She also tells it like it is!

“Hey Alan, let’s get a few things straight..

1. As a career politician, you have been on the public dole for FIFTY YEARS.

2. I have been paying Social Security taxes for 48 YEARS (since I was 15 years old. I am now 63).

3. My Social Security payments, and those of millions of other Americans, were safely tucked away in an interest bearing account for decades until you political pukes decided to raid the account and give OUR money to a bunch of zero ambition losers in return for votes, thus bankrupting the system and turning Social Security into a Ponzi scheme that would have made Bernie Madoff proud..

4. Recently, just like Lucy & Charlie Brown, you and your ilk pulled the proverbial football away from millions of American seniors
nearing retirement and moved the goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age 67. NOW, you and your shill commission is proposing to move the goalposts YET AGAIN.

5. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying into medicare from Day One, and now you morons propose to change the rules of the game. Why? Because you idiots mismanaged other parts of the economy to such an extent that you need to steal money from Medicare to pay the bills.

6. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying income taxes our entire lives, and now you propose to increase our taxes yet again. Why? Because you incompetent bastards spent our money so profligately that you just kept on spending even after you ran out of money. Now, you come to the American taxpayers and say you need more to pay off YOUR debt.

To add insult to injury, you label us “greedy” for calling “bullshit” on your incompetence. Well, Captain Bullshit, I have a few
questions for YOU.

1. How much money have you earned from the American taxpayers during your pathetic 50-year political career?

2. At what age did you retire from your pathetic political career, and how much are you receiving in annual retirement benefits from the American taxpayers?

3. How much do you pay for YOUR government provided health insurance?

4. What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits are you proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction proposal, or, as usual, have you exempted yourself and your political cronies?

It is you, Captain Bullshit, and your political co-conspirators called Congress who are the “greedy” ones. It is you and your fellow
nutcases who have bankrupted America and stolen the American dream from millions of loyal, patriotic taxpayers. And for what? Votes. That’s right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted America for the sole purpose of advancing your pathetic political careers. You know it, we know it, and you know that we know it.

And you can take that to the bank, you miserable son of a bitch.
If you like the way things are in America delete this.

 If you agree with what a fellow Montana citizen Patty Myers says, PASS IT ON!!!!

My November Prediction

Obama will win, despite the following:

Obama’s job performance:

  1. Will have the country 16 trillion dollars in debt by July.
  2. 1 percent this year, 2 percent last year, three percent year before in economic growth.
  3. Unemployment still over 8 percent and does not count those who have just given up.
  4. Failure to secure border.
  5. Failure to prosecute black panthers for voter intimidation.
  6. Failure to arrest black panthers after two direct threats of violence against white children.
  7. Provided guns to Mexican cartels.
  8. Spending 20 million on a PR campaign to promote obamacare which will likely be thrown out for being unconstitutional.

Obama will win because he is black.  His family will take a lot more expensive vacations on the backs of white taxpayers and he will accomplish nothing since he will not have to run in another election.

The interesting part is the most accurate description of Obama comes from a black man.  Malik Shabazz of the new Black Panther party proves Obama is not only the wrong choice for white people but is also a wrong choice for black people.

“President Obama is an oxymoron.  He is a walking contradiction to us. He inspires hope and greatness in us… and simultaneously delivers disappointment and delusion all in one whopping dosage, we hoped or expected better of him”