Were here to stay

Despite the continued efforts of the Looney left which is made up of self-hating whites and minorities like the Jews and blacks the truth is going to get out.  They can shut down as many blogs, websites and YouTube accounts as they want. The Jews have whole business dedicated to finding negative comments about them and getting the sites shut down and the owner’s ostracized from the very society their white ancestors built. Example was the recent Buchanan debacle.

People first have to understand that free speech does not exist anywhere in the world today. The constitution means whatever a supreme court with no members of European decent decides. The media which is eighty percent controlled by Jews puts out the propaganda and sports programs to keep the people ignorant and entertained. Unlimited and unneeded immigration is replacing the first world population in America with third world failures who were unable to make their own counties worth living in.

Wake up white people. The future you are leaving your children is what all these immigrants are running away from.  You will not change these people into Americans as proven by a three century failure with the black race.  You can take the (add minority name here) out of the country but you can’t take their culture out of them.